• Swanson Best Weight-Control Water Pills

Swanson Best Weight-Control Water Pills

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What are Swanson Diet Water Pills?

These are a type of diuretic.  Water Pills assist the body to cleanse itself of excess water and sodium in a completely natural way.  Swanson Diet Water Pills are a completely natural alternative to modern chemical compounds which are used for more frequently to diet and, in some cases, treat hypertension. So what are these helpful natural solution hidden inside Swanson Diet Water Pills?

50 mg Buchu Leaf
50 mg Uva Ursi
50 mg Parsley
10 mg Juniper
These all natural elements, when taken as part of a healthy diet with regular exercise, can not only filter excess water out of the body but also reduce salt concentration in the blood and maintain serum homeostasis.

Uses of Swanson Diet Water Pills

Treats bloatedness and abnormal water retention
100% Natural dieting aid
May help treat hypertension & congestive heart failure
Eases symptoms of edema

Recommended dosage of Swanson Diet Water Pills

As a dietary supplement

Take one tablet with water after each meal.

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